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Washing Tips for Washing Machines

As your washer begins to age, it is more likely to run into some issues and require a repair or two. By using your machine properly, and performing regular maintenance, you can not only get cleaner clothes, but extend the life of your washing machine as well. Keep reading for washing tips that will not […]

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3 Maintenance Tips for Fridges in Vancouver

There is nothing more frustrating than when your fridge breaks down, and having it happen over the holidays is just a nightmare. Your refrigerator can hold hundreds of dollars in groceries. This makes your fridge an important appliance to have in your home, and if it breaks down you will lose a lot of money. […]

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Happy New Year 2015!

Wishing you a happy new year, filled with wonderful magical moments! Thank you for your business with Prestige Appliance Repair. Your loyalty has enabled us to continue providing quality repair service around Vancouver over the past year. May the new year be filled with health, love and prosperity for you and your loved ones! And […]

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Signs That Your Freezer May be in Need of Repair

While you may not use the items stored in your refrigerator’s freezer on a daily basis, a properly working freezer is a vital part of any kitchen as it helps to keep your foods preserved. Thusly, it is important to be able to get it working properly again should you believe something is wrong with […]

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Quick Steps to Check for Refrigerator Problems

Imagine that you reach into the refrigerator on a Saturday morning to gather the ingredients you need to make breakfast for your family. You soon realize that the power went out overnight. The eggs are spoiled and smell funny, the milk is sour, and the meat looks like it’s growing mold. You have no idea […]

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Oven Repair: Signs Your Oven May Be in Need of Repair

The most common reason customers invite our oven repair specialists is when their oven stops functioning. However, preliminary signs can indicate that an oven is in need of repair before it fails completely. Knowing these signs is important as it can allow you to have your oven repaired before it breaks so that you can enjoy uninterrupted use […]

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Appliance Super Hero

Appliance repair technicians are in the business of helping people solve problems. There is a certain level of joy that every technician experiences when he is able to help a customer quickly and on budget. Here is a secret perspective of every appliance repairman… Your oven has baked it’s last pie. The dishwasher is on strike. […]

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